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Josh Kennedy, shouldering the load

If you were about to enter a lion’s den, or a gladiator arena, or the modern sporting equivalent - the MCG with more than 80,000 rabid, screaming Collingwood/Richmond supporters - who would you want to run out beside you? For a Sydney Swans player, there can only be one answer – Josh Kennedy. Fearless, determined, strong in body and mind, JPK is the ... Continue Reading »

Brendan's Sydney Swans 2017 player review, part 1

While everyone is going Cartman style banging doors and desks, lets try to reflect on this season as a whole in a calm and collected manner. What started as an unquestionable disaster - like a boat capsizing in the Pacific Ocean - the club and players turned the season around after the Carlton loss. Despite this though, the side and coaches have been unable to ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 16 - Friday night the antithesis of a sensational season

Good morning all, it's Tuesday and time for the latest instalment of The Swans Blog's podcast, the SwansCast. This week I'm joined by Rowan from BigFooty and we dissect the weekend that was. The way the season ended on Friday night was tough to take, given the progress the team made throughout the season. It was a truly bizarre performance with so much going wrong. ... Continue Reading »

2017 in review part 1: pre-season performance and expectations

This is the first article in a series of five, where I'll be analysing the Sydney Swans' season, from pre-season through to finals, including expectations and performances, what went right and what went wrong, and finally the players. In this article I will be analysing the clubs' pre-season performance, what they did well and what could have been better. For a lot of supporters 2016 ... Continue Reading »

So now what?

I've been asked over the last couple of weeks, what's next for the blog after the season ends? Well, unfortunately the season ended far sooner than most would like, but certainly lived longer than most expected. We'll still be here during the off-season bringing as much Swans and AFL news as possible, while hopefully introducing more contributors for their own opinion and news articles. There's ... Continue Reading »

Swans crumble under weight of sensational expectations

Match report - Player ratings If you haven't caught up with football events this week, the news of Sydney's demise might be surprising to you. Unfortunately for those that witnessed the final match of the 2017 season, it was nothing like the sensational Swans we've been spoiled with. People's expectations were high following their sensational performance against the Bombers. Geelong on the other hand were ... Continue Reading »

Match preview: 2nd Semi Final, Sydney Swans vs Geelong Cats

Good after all from dreary cold and blustery Melbourne. It's finally game day, the tension palpable the excitement barely containable. It's time for the Sydney Swans to really stamp their premiership credentials, and crank the temperate on the competition up to 11. They've been irresistible since the bye, dropping just one game by six points to their bogey team Hawthorn. The bruising loss lit a ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 15 - Is Towers our Mr September?

Elimination Final: Report - Player Ratings NEAFL Grand Final: Report - Player Ratings Good morning all it's Tuesday and it's time for the latest instalment of The Swans Blog's podcast, the SwansCast. This week I'm joined by Stephen Treloar and we dissect the weekend that was. Unlike last week, which was slow, excruciating and unnecessarily cruel, this week is full of joy off the back ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 14 - Connolly has his finger on the Tigers pulse

Afternoon all, its Tuesday and that means it's time for another instalment of the SwansCast, this week with Stephen Treloar, Justin Mitchell and Rohan Connolly. It's been a long, excruciatingly slow week without football, the brain child of an inept AFL administration that really has no clue what it's doing anymore. What should have been a highlight of the bye week, the All Australian selection, ... Continue Reading »

Swans NAB AFL Rising Star class of 2017

The AFL announced on Monday night that the final 2017 NAB Rising Star nomination - for round 23 - was awarded to Will Hayward from the Sydney Swans. His debut season was capped by another impressive 3-goal haul against Carlton, his third for the season, and he joins Swans defender Lewis Melican who receive a nomination in round 18 for his tremendous shut-down effort on ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 13 - A Buddy Good Season

Afternoon all, it's Tuesday and that means it's time for another instalment of The Swans Blog's podcast. The Swans finished off the season superbly with a crushing 81-point-victory over the beleaguered Carlton Blues, returning the favour to a team that in round 6 dealt out one of the real crushing losses to the Swans. Not so much crushing on the scoreboard as it was to ... Continue Reading »

Match preview: Round 20, Sydney Swans vs Carlton Blues

Good morning all, game day is finally here and its time for the Swans to not only seek revenge, but nail shut the coffin that represents Carlton's season. There's a lot going on this weekend, with the Bulldogs already out of the finals race. The Swans are competing with Richmond and Port Adelaide for the coveted top 4 spot, a double chance in a topsy-turvy ... Continue Reading »

The Jarrad McVeigh conundrum

Good morning all, it's a fine sunny morning here in Melbourne, and with it brings a new day of the Jarrad McVeigh - will he, won't he - saga. It's definitely a hot topic for all Swans supporters, and Heather and I spoke about it at length off the recording on Tuesday night. As far as Sydney news goes, its getting the most sound bites ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 12 - Shoot out at the 'G

Good morning all, it's Wednesday and that means it's time for another instalment of your favourite Swans podcast, the SwansCast. We've been busy at the blog recently, and while news and articles have only trickled in, we've been busy keeping up with the latest Swans news, not to mention traveling west to watch the mighty Swans stick it up the Crows, and the AFL. John ... Continue Reading »