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SwansCast Episode 11 - We all bleed red and white

Good morning all, it's Tuesday and that means another SwansCast podcast for your enjoyment, on the back of another emphatic victory, this time at the expense of the hapless Dockers. Saturday afternoon was another study in snoozing in the first quarter, with the Swans trademark "blitz" in full flight. They made a habit of smashing teams in the first quarter in the finals last year, ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 10 - Chief Sinclair, no longer Teflon Hands

Afternoon all, it's Tuesday afternoon and time for another SwansCast episode. Before we get to that, there's been considerable movements in the machinations that make up football fabric. Last night the Swans announced Sam Reid was extending his stay with the club until 2021. This is massive news on a number of fronts, most importantly Sam repaying the massive amount of patience and faith the ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 8 - Will the Richards Report make a comeback?

Good morning everyone and welcome to another superb, sunny day in Melbourne. Hopefully for our fellow supports north, south and west of us, the wet, winter weather has moved on and you're out and about, enjoying the gorgeous sun. Isaac Heeney's tackle on the weekend was reviewed by the match review panel yesterday and avoided punishment. There wasn't really much that he could do, given ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 6 - From the bottom of a beer cup

Good afternoon all, it's a great week if you ask me, because it's another Swans winning week. After a shocking start to the season, we've sure been spoiled by a very good, passionate group of individuals, who want nothing more than to make our week superb from Monday to Friday. Big thanks goes to the entire Sydney Swans club, they make my week, and undoubtedly ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 5 - Titus O'Reily Does It Best

Good morning all and what a weekend of football we've had! We've been spoiled since the bye with an incredible number of games decided by less than 10 points, and with the Swans keeping their opponents in the game through awful kicking, rather than simply brushing them aside like an annoying fly. The past weekend holds particular reverence, as "good bloke" Bachar Houli was done ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 3 - The eye of the Tiger

Good afternoon all and welcome to another fantastic post-win week at The Swans Blog. How good was last Thursday night against the Dogs! Our best performance of the year can only be backed up by another fantastic Podcast. In today's episode (recorded last night) I'm joined by Stephen Treloar from Over the line Sports and Glenn from BigFooty, to provide the Richmond perspective. Surprisingly, given ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 2 - Robinson doesn't get off that lightly

Good afternoon all, hope you're well on another classic Melbourne wintery morning. It's freezing cold here, so wherever you are, I hope you're warm. Given it's been a rather quiet week for the Swans, there isn't much to report on. Jake Lloyd and Sam Reid are straight back into the team having recovered from concussion, and will most likely be joined by Kieren Jack. Josh ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 1 - In The Beginning

Good afternoon to you all, I hope you're all enjoying the bye. It's a timely relief from the calamitous start to the season, and the Swans players agree. Captain Josh Kennedy recently spoke about the need to reset and reload ahead of the Bulldogs game, after a poor start to the season culminated in a last gasp loss to the Hawks on Friday night. It's ... Continue Reading »