Swans boss stands by beleaguered board member

Swans boss Andrew Pridham has stood fast against rising opposition to his ongoing support for beleaguered board member Tim Worner. With Caroline Wilson joining the chorus of boourns and naysayers, it won't be long before Worner has a choice to make - walk the plank or be pushed himself.

The Seven West CEO was recently cleared of any wrong doing by a Seven West board review. Caught up in private scandal playing out in public arena, his jilted lover and former executive assistant won't go away quietly.

Once labeled "the affair that stopped a nation", the consensual affair and their sordid details have been made public in sensational fashion. Pressing the nuclear button, she opened pandora's box and aimed a spotlight directly on Worner, with salacious accusations to make any journalist lust for an interview.

The explosive accusations were provocative, and dire for the Seven West CEO, detailing risk taking behaviour during their relationship with his scorned former mistress, such as taking drugs on company time, former partners compensated with promotions and unauthorised credit card usage.

Throughout the ordeal, Pridham stood fast and publicly, gave his unwavering support. A woman scorned is no laughing matter, with her sights set on Jeff Kennet, bombarding his twitter account with photos of materials that she submitted to an independent investigator commissioned by Seven's board to investigate her accusations.

More recently, she's started releasing Worners' love letters to her, clearly putting herself in the truly scorned, jilted and down right jealous ex's category, that you just don't want to ever hear from again.

Time will tell if Worner survives the court of public opinion. One thing is for sure, he won't get away unscathed.

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