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Why the Dan Hannebery deal was good business

As one of many thousands of Swans fans that rose this glorious, beautiful morning to hear the tragic news of our dear Dan Hannebery, glee and delight soon hid from raging, thunderous anger. Immediate thoughts of "how could they", "what the hell are they doing" swirled through my head, accusations of vehement obscenities levelled against those in control, repugnant unclean thoughts and future heads on ... Continue Reading »

Hell’s Kitchen: Swans make a meal of 2018

You know that feeling you get when you go to KFC, you get the burger and chips, upsize it and munch away. It’s really bloody enjoyable at first, tasty even, but half an hour later you start having regrets and wonder why you keep going back? It looked promising beforehand and tasty when you started eating it. But before the meal ends you realise ... Continue Reading »

Shake and Bake! Sydney's new dynamic duo

With a crippling pall thrown over the Swans defence, their parts seemingly cast asunder, almost incapacitated, two giants stand tall in the carnage casting a shadow over the competition. Their defence – almost incapacitated with the incredible injury list – has somehow stood firm over the last month, despite the herd thinning through natural attrition, courting not only praise from their peers, but demonstrating a resoluteness that ... Continue Reading »

By George!

Much has been said about the Swans midfield depth, or lack thereof this season, with what seemed to be terminal damage to the Swans’ on-ball brigade in terms of form and injury over the second half of the season. As the Swans appeared to “rob Peter to pay Paul”, trying to prop up a damaged or inexperienced forward line with Parker and Heeney, while hoping ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Extra Episode 7 - Demons do or die, can Hannebery make it?

Good morning everyone, it’s Friday already and it’s time for another instalment of your favourite Sydney Swans weekend preview podcast, the SwansCast Extra. What a week it’s been, full of enough soapy drama to give a show like the Bold and the Beautiful a run for its money. Gaff’s off play blow on Brayshaw was the hot item to kick the ... Continue Reading »

Red cards are a must

There’s been a raging debate for the last two years over the introduction of red cards in the AFL, spearheaded by well-known and highly regarded figures in the AFL community. The majority of discussion has centred on levelling teams once a player has intentionally or recklessly injured an opponent, with very few incidents of outright violence on which to use as a crotch. Until ... Continue Reading »

When a Horse is not a Horse

Much has been written about the Swans this year and whether or not they are modern enough for the modern game. John “Horse” Longmire, known for (and having been celebrated for) building and maintaining one of the great defensive units of the modern era, now finds himself being lead towards the knackery by those who now feel this Horse is too lame to keep up. ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Extra Episode 6 - Alex Johnson is back!

Good morning everyone, it's Friday already and it's time for another instalment of your favourite Sydney Swans weekend preview podcast, the SwansCast Extra. Usually we record these around 7pm on Thursday nights, edit them straight away and have them on the net by 9.30 - 10pm. Sometimes, things don't quite go to plan, just like the Swans' season. It's hard to preview a match ... Continue Reading »

Free falling without a parachute

I’m finally back from my mid-season holiday. I couldn’t bring the weather with me, nor the magical formula that might turn the Swans mid-season collapse around. In case you didn’t hear or haven’t really kept up with my sporadic postings over the last 5 weeks, Mrs Blogs and I travelled through America for five weeks, lapping up the sights, the sun ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 30 - Another Carlton Friday night fizzer

Good evening all, it’s Sunday night, time for our very first Sunday SwansCast review show! It’s a full-on episode tonight, as we review the intriguing Swans win on Friday night, that had as many positives as negatives, while we look at the handful of players and where their future lies. Report – Ratings – POTY – Talking points - Longmire I think it's worthwhile taking a ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Extra Episode 4 - Callum Mills, WTF!?

Good morning everyone, it is Friday and we’re 12 hours behind with the podcast, but it’s here! Time for another instalment of your favourite Sydney Swans weekend preview podcast, the SwansCast Extra. What a way to start the weekend though. Here we are, waiting for teams, and the Swans media department thought it would be a terrific idea to take a giant dump ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 28 - All is well at the SCG

Good evening all, it’s Monday and time for another instalment of your favourite Sydney Swans fans podcast, The Swans Blog’s SwansCast. It’s going to be a quick one tonight, given we recorded late and had a quick chat with Adam Curley from the AFL. From a SwansCast side of things, it's been a very busy night! Report – Ratings – POTY – Talking points - ... Continue Reading »

Old and new alike, Swans belt Fremantle off the park

It was an emphatic return to form at the Swans’ home ground, the SCG, that we all knew was coming. Thankfully, no repeats of the dreadful 2017 start, despite writing about the unwanted records looming for the Swans this year. Report – Ratings – POTY – Talking points - Longmire This time around, Fremantle had to play the role of patsy for the Swans faithful, gallantly returning to ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Extra Episode 3 - Trolled by a pro

Good evening everyone, it's Thursday night and that means it's time for another instalment of your favourite Swans preview show, the SwansCast Extra! The team announcement was made at 6.10pm and it would be the understatement of the year to saw that the Swans faithful were surprised. Flabbergasted would be more appropriate, for they were well and truly trolled by a master. Rick Rolling ... Continue Reading »