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Season preview: Can the Swans do it again?

Fourteen finals in 15 years, with two premierships, a platinum performance from a sporting club by anyone’s standard. This is the Sydney Swans’ blessing and its curse. Every year, in Australia’s toughest football market, the Swans need a formula for success, otherwise they could wilt under the heat of NSW’s rampant rugby league domination and the increasingly hot breath of little brother ... Continue Reading »

Josh Kennedy, shouldering the load

If you were about to enter a lion’s den, or a gladiator arena, or the modern sporting equivalent - the MCG with more than 80,000 rabid, screaming Collingwood/Richmond supporters - who would you want to run out beside you? For a Sydney Swans player, there can only be one answer – Josh Kennedy. Fearless, determined, strong in body and mind, JPK is the ... Continue Reading »