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2018 in review part 4: the finals

This is the fourth article in a series of five where our columnists will be reviewing season 2018, beginning with the 2017 post-season through to the conclusion of the 2018 finals. Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 - Part 4 Without Franklin, we’re fried. Many of us like Phil Davis. He’s a quality defender and seems like a good bloke. However, we all ... Continue Reading »

Player ratings: Sydney Swans vs Richmond Tigers, Round 15, 2018

A 26-point loss to the reigning premiers and ladder leaders Richmond isn’t a complete disaster, but the Swans coaching staff have some serious closed-door discussions coming up in relation to player selections. A number of Sydney stalwarts are just not producing and are in danger of being dropped. Gary Rohan and Kieren Jack, that’s you we’re talking about. Upside: JPK back to ... Continue Reading »

Hot Tigers devour lukewarm Swans

You know at the footy, when you buy a bucket of hot chips? You stand in the queue with that sense of anticipation and pleasure. Then after paying for the (expensive) chips, you find while some of them are great - hot and crispy - others don’t live up to expectations, one chip is good but has a nasty burnt bit on the end ... Continue Reading »

Season preview: Can the Swans do it again?

Fourteen finals in 15 years, with two premierships, a platinum performance from a sporting club by anyone’s standard. This is the Sydney Swans’ blessing and its curse. Every year, in Australia’s toughest football market, the Swans need a formula for success, otherwise they could wilt under the heat of NSW’s rampant rugby league domination and the increasingly hot breath of little brother ... Continue Reading »

Josh Kennedy, shouldering the load

If you were about to enter a lion’s den, or a gladiator arena, or the modern sporting equivalent - the MCG with more than 80,000 rabid, screaming Collingwood/Richmond supporters - who would you want to run out beside you? For a Sydney Swans player, there can only be one answer – Josh Kennedy. Fearless, determined, strong in body and mind, JPK is the ... Continue Reading »