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SwansCast Episode 24: A week is a long time in football

Morning all, it’s Tuesday and as we settle into our day, the last one before ANZAC day, we’ve been hit with some early team news, and it isn’t good. We recorded our podcast last night with a question for our listeners; ‘should we bring Kurt Tippett back’. We received a range of responses, anywhere from incredulity to luke-warm support for the big ... Continue Reading »

A bit of context always helps

Match report – Player ratings – Longmire – McVeigh Football is an emotional sport. It’s an outlet for the innate human desire to compete and battle one another, in centuries past to the bloody death, and decades ago, bloodied and hurt. It’s a way for us to express our primeval desires and urges, and while the players duel each other, fans are often swept away in ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 23: Cracks are showing in the Swans defence

Good evening all, it's another wonderful Swans week ahead, made even better with the thrilling 7-point win against the Western Bulldogs at Etihad on Saturday night. In a pulsating clash, the Swans turned a 22-point deficit early in the second quarter into a 14-point lead midway through the third. The Swans once again kicked ahead in the last quarter, only for the Bulldogs to peg ... Continue Reading »

The Stats File: Kings of Sydney

Saturday night at the SCG saw another fierce instalment of the brewing cross-town rivalry between the two Sydney-based teams. The Swans sought redemption for their poor second half performance against Port Adelaide the week before, while the Giants were out to prove that they’re the real deal in 2018, a force to be reckoned with. The Swans received a significant boost pre-match with Sam ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 22: I'm going to drop him like a bad habit

Good morning all, it's hump day today and despite the win against the Giants on the weekend, it hasn't all been sunshine and sugar drops. The Swans were terrific on the weekend, slugging it out in the first half, before running away with it in the third quarter. Trailing by 33 points early in the fourth quarter, the Giants kicked 4 goals in a row, ... Continue Reading »

SwansCast Episode 20 - Buddy's just too bluddy good

Good evening all, it's another fabulous Swans week. Fresh off the impressive win at Perth Stadium - on the back of Franklin's freakishly good performance, the Swans are already looking ahead to Port Adelaide on Easter Sunday. Port Adelaide already look solid flag favourites, if not dead set certainties to finish top 4 with the squad they have. Astute recruiting and thrifting where necessary landed ... Continue Reading »

Buddy's Brilliance in epic struggle sinks the Eagles on their own patch

Sometimes you just have to stand up and applaud the brilliance of the player, whether you love him or not. Sunday night was another example of just how unplayable he is at his fierce best. Six months was well worth the wait, and whatever the admission was, it was worth it. Match Report - Player Ratings - Press Conference Another massive bag of 8 by ... Continue Reading »

A modern day disgrace

Overnight in South Africa, we witnessed the culmination of one of test crickets' great rivalries cross an invisible line for which there is no recourse, no way to come back from. Trailing an imposing Proteas outfit in challenging bowling conditions, the Australian team resorted to the lowest level of sportsmanship imaginable - cheating. As a nation we pride ourselves on being tough but fair, a ... Continue Reading »

Over to you Chief

Little did Callum Sinclair know towards the end of last season, that 2018 would prove to be a career defining one for him. With the unfortunate season-ending ACL injury sustained by promising ruckman Sam Naismith, Sinclair has been entrusted with carrying the Swans' ruck hopes all on his own. With the Crayfish sidelined for the entire 2018 season, the spotlight will be on the enigmatic ... Continue Reading »

Swans Eagles set to revive AFL rivalry of bygone era

In their storied pasts, the Swans and Eagles shared one of the closest and most fiercely contested rivalries in modern football. Nay the Kennett curse, vexing the Cats after Hawthorn's 2008 Grand Final upset win, the Swans and Eagles steeped themselves in footy folklore with a series of tightly contested matches across 3 finals series and two grand finals. To tell the tale, one must ... Continue Reading »

Kurt Tippett is not the solution the Sydney Swans are looking for

To borrow a line from a movie, fate it seems, is not without a sense of irony. It wasn't long ago that Kurt Tippett stunned us all, announcing his immediate retirement from the game less than 12 months after extending with the club to 2020. Retiring from the game was a kindness his body needed, regularly battling ankle injuries in his 5 years with the ... Continue Reading »

2017 in review part 3: second half of the season

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 This is the third article in a series of five, where I'll be analysing the Sydney Swans' season, from pre-season through to finals, including expectations and performances, what went right and what went wrong, and finally the players. In this article I will be analysing the clubs' second half of the season performance, what they did well ... Continue Reading »