SwansCast Episode 19 - Down with the Eagles

Good morning all, Autumn is just around the corner, and with that it brings the one sport we all love, AFL. Of course, a new year and a new round brings us back to what we all know and love - another episode of your favourite Sydney Swans podcast, the SwansCast.

It's been a long time between premiership points for the Swans, our last official hit out ending a long, stressful but enjoyable season, ultimately faltering just shy of the finish line. With the way the season finished and a lot of emotion around it, it was understandable that the Swans group as a whole would feel deflated, but not defeated.

It's been a busy off season for the club, but different in many ways. The club has been particularly coy on what little information if offered, frequently going silent for long stretches. Even now, on the eve of the season start, there's little official content coming from the club.

Sometimes its good, but often it leads us little to write about. With the club taking a break, we took a break. We hoped to keep the candle burning through the summer stretch, but a break kept the firing simmering, ready to burn again for season 2018. You'll have seen us writing infrequently over the last month, but now that the season's around the corner, we'll be back into the swing of things.

And that brings us to the latest episode of our weekly podcast, the SwansCast. It's our first of the season and I'm joined by Myles Stedman and Stephen Treloar. We take a look at the Swans' off-season from draft through to the conclusion of the JLT Series. We take stock of the players, preview the match ahead, give our predictions and take questions from our listeners.

Happy Wednesday, enjoy the week and the episode! As always, hit us up on social media using the tag @theswansblog, or the hash tag #SwansCast.


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