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Not so Marvel(ous)

Like most Swans’ fans, I was glued to trade radio, live update feed and AFL media in general over the trade period, while the superheroes of trading descended on Marvel Stadium. When the trading period wrapped up on Wednesday afternoon, I promptly spat the dummy, threw the toys out of my cot and wondered what in living daylights had the Swans been up to in ... Continue Reading »

Hell’s Kitchen: Swans make a meal of 2018

You know that feeling you get when you go to KFC, you get the burger and chips, upsize it and munch away. It’s really bloody enjoyable at first, tasty even, but half an hour later you start having regrets and wonder why you keep going back? It looked promising beforehand and tasty when you started eating it. But before the meal ends you realise ... Continue Reading »

By George!

Much has been said about the Swans midfield depth, or lack thereof this season, with what seemed to be terminal damage to the Swans’ on-ball brigade in terms of form and injury over the second half of the season. As the Swans appeared to “rob Peter to pay Paul”, trying to prop up a damaged or inexperienced forward line with Parker and Heeney, while hoping ... Continue Reading »

When a Horse is not a Horse

Much has been written about the Swans this year and whether or not they are modern enough for the modern game. John “Horse” Longmire, known for (and having been celebrated for) building and maintaining one of the great defensive units of the modern era, now finds himself being lead towards the knackery by those who now feel this Horse is too lame to keep up. ... Continue Reading »