Player Ratings: vs Carlton Round 6, 2017

Well, I think getting stabbed in the guts while sucking on the worlds sourest lemon would be an enjoyable activity, compared to sitting through 2 and half hours of mental torture.

There's a long way to go for this team, but they've got to stick to the task at hand.


B: Nick Smith, Heath Grundy, Zak Jones
HB: Callum Mills, Lewis Melican, Jeremy Laidler
C: Isaac Heeney, Josh Kennedy, Jake Lloyd
HF: George Hewett, Lance Franklin, Gary Rohan
F: Will Hayward, Sam Reid, Tom Papley
FOL: Callum Sinclair, Luke Parker, Dan Hannebery
I/C: James Rose, Harry Cunningham, Brandon Jack, Nic Newman

40: Nick Smith
Neither a good nor bad day, did OK, made a few mistake but showed effort
39: Heath Grundy
Lead to the ball and easily beaten by Casboult and Kruezer before his injury
10: Zak Jones
Showed heart when the Swans were getting killed, dragged his team back into it
14: Callum Mills
Always tried hard, always did his best, always worked hard, never gave up
43: Lewis Melican (R)
He's a capable footballer, no doubt.
11: Jeremy Laidler
Never seen a player lead to the ball as much as poor Jeremy
5: Isaac Heeney
Getting better, showed clean hands and good vision when the Swans needed it, faded badly
12: Josh Kennedy
Still trying his best, but getting no support
44: Jake Lloyd
Accumulator, but even with 32 disposals, 0 tackles. Sigh. Chip kicks ahoy hoy!
28: Nic Newman
Played well after coming back from the unexplained drop
23: Lance Franklin
A dirty day and doesn't look fit. Still worked hard, still tackled, 19 and 1 goal.
41: Tom Papley
Gave away 2 50m penalties at crucial times, 2 goals, but not much good.
18: Callum Sinclair
This guy frustrates so much. Smashed in the ruck, constantly lead to the ball, finishes with 15 HO, 6 tackles, 1.1 and 11 contested possessions.
26: Luke Parker
A dirty dirty day. Nothing went right, couldn't mark it, couldn't kick it straight, just couldn't do anything. Nice goal though.
4: Dan Hannebery
Faded in the 2nd half and barely looks fit. He spent a lot of time in the last quarter forward of the pack.
1: James Rose
Couldn't get near it, 6 disposals, 1 behind
7: Harry Cunningham
Mediocre footballer doing what he does best, 16 disposals, 12 _uncontested_, 3 tackles
33: Brandon Jack
9 disposals, 3 I50s and 5 tackles, had a chance early in the 4th but fluffed it.
29: George Hewett
10 tackles, what an effort, had 1/6th of the teams total tackles. He's one of Longmire's "lesser lights" showing how it's done
9: Will Hayward
Kicked the first goal of the game, finished with 2, looks like a capable footballer.
16: Gary Rohan
He was by far the worst player on the ground before he went off after knocking himself out. Finished with 2 disposals. Won a free kick that was instantly reversed. AFL score of 10.
20: Sam Reid
Worked hard all game, but forced to play a role not good at, while cutting us off at the knees in the forward line. Robbing Paul and even robbing Peter with this one.

Bonus Rating: 0/10 for umpires failing to stop play twice for unconscious Swans players, the pricks.

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Justin Mitchell

Justin is a passionate AFL and Sydney Swans supporter, and football blogger since 2016. All articles are of his own opinion. You can reach him by twitter and Facebook at @theswansblog

Melbourne, Australia

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