Player ratings: Sydney Swans vs Geelong Cats, Round 20 2017

A superb game from Parker lead the Swans to their 5th victory from the last six games against the Cats, reigniting their chances of finishing top 4, while consigning the Cats to an emphatic defeat, with injuries and MRP troubles on their horizon.

The Swans certainly weren't short for goal face contributors, with Papley, Hayward, Rohan and Reid smoking the Cats defenders, while Franklin played a decoy role for most of the night.

It didn't stop him for banging through a 'Franklin Special'.

Sometimes stats just do players' performances justice, and that's why Scott Selwood, Mitch Duncan and Sam Menegola won't pull votes in the Brownlow from this game.

B: Nick Smith, Heath Grundy, Jarrad McVeigh
HB: Dane Rampe, Lewis Melican, Jake Lloyd
C: Gary Rohan, Dan Hannebery, Zak Jones
HF: Isaac Heeney, Lance Franklin, George Hewett
F: Sam Reid, Callum Sinclair, Tom Papley
FOL: Kurt Tippett, Luke Parker, Kieren Jack
I/C: Will Hayward, Callum Mills, Dean Towers, Nic Newman

40: Nick Smith
Another great game from the diminutive defender. He does what he does better than anyone else in the league, even taking pack marks. Well done.
39: Heath Grundy
Took a bit of a head shot in the 2nd quarter and while he was off the defence fell apart. When he played on Hawkins was rarely beaten.
3: Jarrad McVeigh
Superb game leading from defence. He's definitely back to his best.
24: Dane Rampe
A pretty good game, at one point was opposed to every single Geelong forward. Towelled up by Hawkins though.
43: Lewis Melican
Very shaky in the first half and had his tokens handed to him by Hawkins. Improved in the 2nd half.
44: Jake Lloyd
His 20m chisellers were missed.
16: Gary Rohan
2 goals, should have had 3, great pressure and even swung back in defence.
4: Dan Hannebery
Another good game, he's getting better and he's playing more on the outside.
10: Zak Jones
It's a little hard of him at the moment. His kicking is a big worry, and his form is well down from earlier in the year.
5: Isaac Heeney
Superb goal and a decent game overall. Just 19 disposals though, needs to get more of the ball.
23: Lance Franklin
Well down on form, kicked 1 goal from 9 disposals, but some of his pressure work was top notch.
29: George Hewett
Held Selwood well early in the game, even if he was giving away a few free kicks. Finished with 8 tackles and 4 clearances.
20: Sam Reid
Looked like a genuine super star in the first quarter, a heap of contested possessions and marks, finished with 2 goals and swung back in the 3rd quarter.
18: Callum Sinclair
When it boils down to who's going to pair Naismith, my money's on Sinclair with a ripper of a game. 17 disposals, 18 hit outs, 6 tackles and 8 inside 50s. That passage of play for Hayward to kick the last, sublime.
41: Tom Papley
3 goals, proved a pain in the ass for the Cats side from just 12 disposals. Great player, excellent plumber.
8: Kurt Tippett
Copped it twice from the injury fairy but managed to run the game out. For the most part was out-rucked by the Geelong pair and even Sinclair.
26: Luke Parker
Superb game standing in as captain on the night. 13 tackles, 13 of 23 disposals contested, 8 clearances and a fantastic goal in the opening quarter
14: Callum Mills
Plied his craft well, a bit like Smith, bobbed up when he needed to, quiet otherwise. Good game.
15: Kieren Jack
It's little wonder the Swans midfield is humming along quite nicely with this particular individual doing what he does best.
9: Will Hayward
3 goals, 2 goal assists, 2 inside 50s, 5 tackles, 2 clearances, 4 marks, 2 of them contested, 12 disposals. Superb.
22: Dean Towers
Might be at risk of losing his place to Kennedy. Not sure what his role on the night was, but 7 disposals from 80% game time and little impact otherwise, except for the assist to Hayward for his last goal.
28: Nic Newman
Continues to hum along doesn't he. Used it well, kicked a nice long goal in the 3rd quarter, 7 tackles and 19 disposals. Well done.

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