The Swans Blog was launched back October 2016, steadily growing a sizeable following throughout 2017 and 2018.

Each year, we've been adding more content, such as match reports, player ratings, injury reports, match previews and more. In 2019, we're hoping to fund The Swans Blog properly, so that we can continue to bring more of that quality content that you love.

So you're here and asking, what will I get on Patreon that I don't already get here?

That's a great question - you'll get articles unique to Patreon that you won't find anywhere else. This could be opinion pieces, player profiles, interviews and more. We're still developing our content and deciding what will land on Patreon.

We don't want to throw everything on here and hope you'll pay for rubbish - that's not our style. We've been creating quality content for years now and we want to maintain that standard.

The Swans Blog doesn't generate revenue from advertising and we're going to keep it that way. We want our supporters to have their say in the type of content that we create, tell us if our ideas are dumb, or if we absolutely must write something. When we want to survey our supporters, our Patreon supporters will be the ones we throw too.

If you enjoy what we create, what we do and you want to show your appreciation, sign up as a Swans Blog Supporter.

Everything that we already do on The Swans Blog remains free, the same as it has always been. But if you sign up to become a Swans Blog member on Patreon, you get a little bit more, with some podcasts and writing that won't be available anywhere else but here.

The cost is just $5 per month - the cost of a coffee in Melbourne, even less than a pot of your favourite Australian brew, and a third of the cost of a chicken parma.