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Brendan's Sydney Swans 2017 player review, part 2

Well since everyone enjoyed the first one, I thought I wouldn’t leave you hanging for too long. My last review, part 1, looked at the "top tier players", the ones I regard as key, irreplaceable, untradeable. This report will go into detail the role of our mid tier players, those that are crucial in a premiership winning side. There's a saying that “every top ... Continue Reading »

Brendan's Sydney Swans 2017 player review, part 1

While everyone is going Cartman style banging doors and desks, lets try to reflect on this season as a whole in a calm and collected manner. What started as an unquestionable disaster - like a boat capsizing in the Pacific Ocean - the club and players turned the season around after the Carlton loss. Despite this though, the side and coaches have been unable to ... Continue Reading »