Player ratings: Sydney Swans vs Hawthorn Hawks, Round 23, 2018

Well, that wasn't the way we wanted to finish the season off. Nothing quite like turning a 24-point lead midway through the second quarter into a 9-point loss, especially against that mob.

All credit to them, they played better for longer and deserved the win. Our lack of experience and abundance of youth stood up, but it was telling on the night just how much we missed some of our senior heads, especially Luke Parker once Hannebery went off injured.

They live and they learn, anyway, there's always next game - unless you're a Port Adelaide supporter.

B: Dane Rampe, Heath Grundy, Jake Lloyd
HB: Zak Jones, Aliir Aliir, Jarrad McVeigh
C: Harry Cunningham, Josh P. Kennedy, Daniel Robinson
HF: Ben Ronke, Tom Papley, George Hewett
F: Will Hayward, Tom McCartin, Kieren Jack
FOL: Callum Sinclair, Isaac Heeney, Dan Hannebery
I/C: Oliver Florent, Nic Newman, Jordan Dawson, Robbie Fox

3: Jarrad McVeigh
Was a shining light for us in defence, finished with 18 disposals, 8 rebound 50s and looked very tidy with the ball.
4: Dan Hannebery
Until he copped a boot to the knee, looked like he was having an important game. After he copped a knee to the quad and could barely move, spent most of the last quarter on the bench.
5: Isaac Heeney
Finished with 18 disposals, 4 clearances, 9 tackles and 2 goals. When he's in the game he's elite, but sometimes it just looked like he faded, or couldn't get into the contest.
7: Harry Cunningham
Was superb in his shut down role on Isaac Smith. Smith finished with 16 and went at less than 50%, after picking up 6 at 33 percent in the first half. Finished with 5 free kicks for, almost all for tackling Isaac Smith.
9: Will Hayward
He cracks in, he tries really hard, he does a lot of hard, grunt work, and dumped McEvoy in a nice tackle. Finished with 2 behinds.
10: Zak Jones
Arguably the best Swans defender on the night. All that niggle and agro at the player has gone and he's attacking the ball with verve. Back pocket is arguably his best position.
11: Tom Papley
Had his moments and booted two crucial goals, but far out he butchered it. Had 16 at 50%
12: Josh Kennedy
Lifted in the big moments, kicked a great running goal, could have kicked an 80m bomb and should have converted a set shot with just minutes left in the game to put us back in front.
13: Oliver Florent
Love the way he goes about it. He butchered a bit and had his forgettable moments, but showed us what he can do when he puts it all together.
15: Kieren Jack
Ordinary game to say the least. Had 7 disposals in the first half at 28%, finished with 13 at 30%. Had 4 tackles, 1 inside 50 and kicked 1 goal. Should have finished with 2 or 3, had he kicked any of his pretty easy snaps in the last. The AFL app recorded him as having 3 effective disposals, ouch.
18: Callum Sinclair
Felt he did pretty well against McEvoy. Both were pretty even across the ground, McEvoy almost doubling Sinclair's hit outs, but Sinc's hit the scoreboard.
24: Dane Rampe
Found himself further up the ground than usual and butchered the ball a hell of a lot more than usual. 6 turn overs from 18 isn't great and defensively was beaten a few times too many.
25: Ben Ronke (R)
Have absolutely no idea what they're trying to do with Ronke, except trying to make him a midfielder. Play the small forward in the forward line for crying out loud.
27: Dan Robinson
He had his moments in the second half, but also showed why he's a NEAFL regular - he's just too bloody slow. 87% game time for just 9 disposals and 4 tackles is ordinary.
28: Nic Newman
Had a few face palm moments in the second half, then had a few almost brilliant moments. He's inconsistent not just from game to game, or quarter to quarter, but contest to contest. He's one of those players that you really have no idea what you're going to get every other moment.
29: George Hewett
Easily the best Swan on the night. Along with Cunningham, really carried the Swans. Did a great job on Mitchell in the first half, before finishing up with 24 disposals and 12 clearances. Will feature in the Bob Skilton medal, no question.
30: Tom McCartin
His first half was superb, the way he cracked in and gave everything at every contest. For an 18 year old to be playing one of the hardest positions in football the way he is, he's a gem. Laid 4 tackles, kicked a goal and got 2 inside 50s
34: Jordan Dawson
Another one of those players that you look at and you don't quite know what the Swans are doing with them. Played just 58% of the game and finished with 9 disposals and 4 marks. Kicked a behind when he should have kicked a goal, which would have put us back in front in the first quarter.
36: Aliir Aliir
Let's just chalk this up as a personal shocker and move on. The reverse Midas touch for this fella. Someone hexed him before the game, only conclusion I can make.
39: Heath Grundy
Looked like the Grundy of old. Had a few shaky moments early, understandable since he hasn't played AFL for a while, but lifted and was superb for most of the match.
42: Robbie Fox (R)
I really don't know what to make of him. He was very poor against the Giants last week and came in as a last minute emergency for Franklin. He was no good as a forward and even worse as a defender. From 7 disposals, he had 3 clangers, 2 of them turnovers. He busted his guts and tried all day, but try was about the only thing he could do, from 72% game time.
44: Jake Lloyd
Best ball user no doubt, including a sumptuous inside 50 pass to Kennedy, who used to be so reliable in front of goal. That kick in to Aliir - really wish he would stop doing that and in fairness, he's just about the worst player we have in the side to take kick ins. Remind's me of donuts Chambers or Ricky Mott shanking it, except from full back. The rest of his game, pretty darn good.

Bonus rating: Channel 7 commentary 0/10, Luke Darcy is a massive cheerleading flog

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